Cross Country 2012 - a trip from Seattle to New York with a few detours

This years trip took my son ad me cross country, or almost cross country. From Washington we went east through Idaho and Montana and then south through Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado and New Mexico to Texas. We continues east through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to Florida. From there we drove north through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. We went a little south to North Carolina after our visit to Tennessee, beefore continuing north through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey to our final destination in New York. 23 states is by far the highest number we have visited on a single trip, but I have to admit, that some we jost passed through without stopping. These are the stories of a one month journey, from June 23rd to July 22nd 2012.

Plannning the trip

Thar she blows
Into the Twilight Zone
Unsatisfying surf
Above ground, on ground level and underground
The roadtrip begins
National Monuments - of different kinds
Another Fourth of July
Spanish atmosphere, UFOs and lots of bats
Davy Crockett and others
I love Louisiana
Another sip from The Fountain of Youth
Lost in South Carolina 
Where the Cherokees ruled
More indians
Three days in Dooley-country
Where is Ohio
Home we go

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