Family Visit 2004 - and a short round trip

In 2003 Dorte's brother was posted in Washington, and he moved to Vienna, Virginia with his wife and youngest daughter. In 2004 we decided to visit them. We planned to stay a few days, then take a short round trip and stay another few days before returning to Denmark again. This round trip would take us from Vienna to Saint Louis, Missouri, from there down to New Orleans once more, and then back to Vienna.

As Dorte's parents visited Jens rather often, they had bought a car, that was parked with Jens and used by his daughter, when they weren't there. We had the opportunity to borrow this car, so we didn't have to rent one this time. These are the stories from this trip.

A suitcase filled with food
Waterfalls, wine and a kissing bridge
Gateway to the West
The Lady who knew

Just one more bridge to cross
Gators, camel thieves, trams and boobs
Meeting the natives
Tom Dooley, Stonewall Jackson, George Washington and some wine
Memory failure (

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