A very relaxed Sunday

Margaret and Dick's house, seen from the balcony in the former dentist's office, now Airbnb.

Sunday had arrived, and it was the first day of the vacation, where I had made no plans in advance. I had not really had any plans on Saturday either, apart from transporting me from my temporary accommodation in Charlotte to my current one on the outskirts of Lenoir, although it ended up that I experienced a lot more, and came to visit three county seats in the area. Due to my periods of being awake at night, I slept relatively late, and then went down the strange staircase to the ground floor to the "half bath", which means that there are only a toilet and sink. This toilet room is located under the stairs leading to the first floor, so there was no room for me to stand up when I only had "a small need" :-); so sitting down was the only solution. Here I washed myself as best I could, and managed the other necessities - I knew that there would be a bath in the next house I was going to live in - and Margaret and Dick are in the process of making both full bath and kitchen in the old dentist's office. When I was done, I moved up the stairs to the first floor again and got dressed before going downstairs again for breakfast. As mentioned in my previous article I had forgot to buy any, but when I arrived the day before, Margaret had presented a plate with homemade blueberry muffins, so some of these delights came to serve as breakfast together with a glass of juice. After breakfast I went upstairs again.

Well dressed and fed, I went out on the balcony and enjoyed the slightly chilly but sunny morning. While I was standing there, Margaret came out on her patio on the other side of the lawn and then we greeted each other for the first time on the trip. She told me that they were going to church soon and later in the day they were going to a funeral, but between the two events they wanted to invite me to lunch, which I gladly accepted. While they were at church, I headed to Lenoir and again visited a Walmart, where I bought what I had forgotten the day before, namely something for my breakfast the coming days.

When I got back to the house, they had returned from the service, but I went over to "my own place" with my groceries and sat down to read a book I had brought with me. Half an hour later Dick came to get me but we stayed and chatted for a quarter of an hour before going back to the main building. Margaret was ready with lunch, which consisted of a delicious chicken dish with rice. Later we had coffee, and then we sat and chatted until they had to get ready for the funeral. Then I went back to the "dentist's office" and studied the internet, replied to some emails etc., and I did not leave the house anymore that day - at least I did not go very far.

In the house were different articles and brochures that told about the place and the area surrounding it, and on a note it said that if you went up to two red garden chairs on top of a hill behind the house, you would be able to view and enjoy the sunset, so when the time for sunset arrived, I strolled up there and sat down. However, it turned out to extremely chilly, so as soon as the sun had set, I gave up and returned to the warmth of the house. And here I stayed the rest of the evening until it was bedtime, which occurred around 10.30 pm as I was still tired after the effort and delays of the flight.

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