Spring of 2022

For the first time since the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to visit United States, and I planned my trip to go to Western North Carolina. Earlier on (in 2021) I bought a weekend stay in the oldest dentist's office in North Carolina and a four course meal for six people in Caldwell County. I bought this at a fund raiser aution for "Edith's Barn" at the Whippoorwill Academy and Village in Ferguson, one of my favorite places in USA. Thus the destination of my trip was given. This is the story of this spring trip - only it didn't start out that well, as you wil lsee from the first article. Along the way I recorded some videos for one of my YouTube channels called Glocal Explorer. I will link to these videos as well as the articles when they become available on YouTube. The sequence of the videos is not the same as the articles.


Delayed - Again
Visiting a museum and eating at Dooley's
A very relaxed Sunday



A look at downtown Statesville, Iredell County
A drive through Happy Valley
Places along Blue Ridge Parkway

A walk around Wippoorwill Academy and Village
A look at Gregory Creek Homestead in Statesville

I visit fort Dobbs
I visit downtown Boone
I walk around the surroundings of my Airbnb

I walk around the Banrnes & Noble bookstore in Hickory