25th Wedding Anniversary Tour 2002 - Back to the South

Already when Dorte returned from her trip with her father in 1998, she told me, that she would like to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in St. Augustine, Florida. After our trip in 2000, I was as keen on the idea as she was, and as none of us are in for big celebrations, we decided to be away on the day. 

As it were, we invited our parents to join us for dinner, somewhere in the United States on the actual day. Unfortunately my parents were busy planning their own 50th wedding anniversary two months later, but Else and Carl, Dortes parents decided to meet us in St. Augustine, Florida. We celebrated the 4th of July there, but not the actual anniversary. That was celebrated in Greenville, South Carolina. These are stories from this vacation.

Back to Washington DC and Gettysburg
Jackson's Mill or whatever?
A short detour to Graceland
A pretty speciment
No alligators along the roadside
Lady with a pink parasol
A lot of empty Beach
A source of eternal youth
Where did the women go?

Finally, Dorte got a basket
Back to Cherokee
How I got interested in the Tom Dooley case
A battlefield and a canal

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