Big City Tour - 2014

We have visited big cities before, but this is the first time, big cities are focal points of our road trip, for such it will be. The "trippers" this year will be Tim and I, and we will (probably) visit Los Angeles, Tucson, Dallas, Saint Louis, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston and New York City on this, our second cross country road trip. And of course a lot of smaller towns along the way. This first article is simply introducing the trip, and more articles will of course follow when we return to Denmark.

Ready, Steady
And on we go
Heat, sand and planes
Crossing the Rio Grande
From Desert to Swampland
Swamps and hot sauces
Change of plans
A day at the Zoo
Five in one day
Big river, big gate
A long days journey into Tennessee
Cemeteries, cemeteries, cemeteries
Don't worry - no hurry
Back in history - and forward once more
A visit to the nations capital
The capital before the capital
One truly lousy day
Revolutionary heroes and more
The final cemetery
Heading for the big city
Everything comes to en end

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