Summer tour 2019

Once again I was on tour with Tim, and once again we split up along the way to meet again later. This time we flew into New Orlean, drove to Teaxas and through Oklahome, Missouri and Indiana to Kentucky, where we split. Tim stayed and later drove to South Carolina and Florida, while I went to North Carolina. In the end we met in North Carolina and together we drove to Washington DC and flew back to Denmark from there. This time Tim also tells about his solo exploits; the articles are marked as such.




Tabasco and Texas
Market days and dinner
Longhorns and Tim as chef
Eiffel Tower, Phone and the Horn of a Unicorn
Two days to Kentucky
Rain, tailbacking times two and more rain
Dad went out for cigarettes (Tim's first three days in Lexingon)
Train Ride
The Road to Nowhere and other sightseeing
Shakers and Horror in Ohio (Tim's final three days in Lexingon)
No more bubbles
A twin-like experience
Target: Florence (Tim's trip from Lexington to Flaggler Beach
Blue Ridge Parkway and on to Statesville
New and old acquaintances
Put her into Spencer on Time
Cicadas and fireflies
No Boone today
Finally Boone - a walk, and a nice dinner with friends
Florida: Lazy days in sun and water (Tims last days in Florida)
The End

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