Tour de Macabre

The fall vacation in 2015 took me back to USA, and back to western North Carolina, one of my favorite spots in the country. This is a place, that I will always return tö if at all possible. To see fall colors were once more one of my goals, and once more I failed. Two years ago I was about two weeks early for peak colors, and this time, two weeks later than in 2013, I was two weeks late.

The gloomy title of this pages refers to my "guidebooks". For entertainment I had brought two books by Frances H. Casstevens of Yadkinville, Death in North Carolina's Piedmont and Ghosts of the North Carolina Piedmont,  and I visited some of the places, mentioned in these books, and also some other interesting places like the small settlement of Kona, where Frankie Silver killed her husband with an axe in 1831, and Morganton, where she was hanged for the murder. Also Mountain City in Tennessee, where Lillie Shaw was killed in 1903. Finley Preston was later hanged for the murder, in the last ever public hanging in Tennessee. Of course I also visited som cemeteries and other places connected to the Tom Dooley case. But first I had to get to America!

Delayed departure
Treasure hunt and train wreck
Ghosts and murders
Just another day in western North Carolina
A sunny day in Tennessee (and a couple of murders)
Getting lost in the moutains
I didn't meet the boogeyman*
Trucks on the freeway

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