A trip with surprises

In 2006 we decided to visit the western parts of USA for the first time. This time, we were going to visit some larger cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and more, and we were also going to visit some of America's national parks, like Yellowstone NP and Grand Canyon NP. On this trip, and actually in Yellowstone NP we would also experience something so statistically impossible, that it bordered on a sensation, but I will get to that later.

At that time Scandinavian Airline System (SAS) had a direct flight to Seattle as the only place on the west coast, so we decided to start and end our trip here. One big difference between this trip and the three previous was, that we only used interstate highways for very short distances, and that we didn't visit one single Welcome Center.

A case of flying fish

Volcanoes, houses and trees, but no wine
Let's go to San Francisco
Dinner for one for two
A fortune lost
The mother road
Breathtaking moments
Rocks in many shapes and colors
From the desert to the mountains
Statistically improbable
Stinking springs and lot of bisons
Lots of pie
End of the road

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